Review: KKCenterHk Yanqina Waterproof Big Eye Eyeliner Black

Today I get to show you one of my October favorites!  It's a Yanqina Waterproof Big Eye (#8608) eyeliner in black that I had received from KKCenterHk.  If you have actually talked to me you'll come to find that there are some liquid eyeliners that I just cannot wear due to being allergic to it.  Not to mention, that I love black eyeliner!  Surprisingly this liquid eyeliner did not irritate my eyelid what so ever!  

Capacity: 8ml 0.4fl.oz

Size: 15mm x 15mm x 102mm

The applicator isn't too firm or too flimsy.  I actually find it perfect for me.  Not to mention it isn't a long applicator, like how some liquid eyeliners are.  It is a precise application and not hard to do the wisp on a winged eye or cat eye look.

Such a wonderful black black type of shade, which I love!  I did not have issues on applying it to my eye, since it glided smoothly and pigmented the first go.  Yes I have encountered some liquid and gel liners where I had to retrace the line because it was not dark enough!  BOO THOSE SUCK!  But this was just wonderful.

Despite it saying that it is waterproof, it actually can be removed by warm water if you rub your lid gently.  However, this does not come off if water runs over it.

Applied over NYX Eyeshadow Base
Running under cold water
Running under warm water
Rubbed my arm for about a minute
It actually took some time to remove it.  So do you still consider it waterproof?  For me, yes and no.  It does stay until I run it under warm water and begin to rub my skin gently.  So I don't have to worry about the rain starting to drip my eyeliner. 

Another wonderful thing about this is that it is easy to remove!  You won't have that hassle of having to try and get this off with eye makeup remover.  All you need to do is rub gently with warm water and it will actually turn into small black pellets/particles.

Yesterday's eye look I did:

When its time to do my eyeliner for my eyes, this is the one I have been grabbing mostly for this month.  You could buy it from KKCenterHk and it goes for $10.20, but if you get it now (before November 5, 2012) you could get a 20% off discount.  If it's past that you could get 10% off using my code "justtisems".

**This item was received for review purposes and in no way am I entitled to giving it a 100% positive feedback.  This is based upon my own experience with the product.

What is your current favorite eyeliner to use?  Was their one eyeliner that you bought that you regret buying?

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and thanks for stopping in.