Review: Elegant Touch Polished Nails - Coral & Envy Wraps Bling - Candy Sprinkles

Today I get to show you two products from Elegant Touch:  Polished Nails in Coral, and Envy Wrap Bling in Candy Sprinkles.  I decided to combine these two together since I thought they would look good together.  Oh yup I was right!

Elegant Touch Envy Wraps Bling in Candy Sprinkles is a great way for someone to enhance those nails even more without dealing with the fuss of doing the nail art etc themselves.  Its a fast easy way to pretty nails.  The Envy Wraps Bling adds texture to your nails while taking them to another dimension.  They also come in Nail Armour, Gone Wild, and Leopard.  

The Elegant Touch Polished Nail set in Coral is a pre-polished set of nails with UV and Gel Top Coat Technology.  It ensures us that these bad boys won't chip, scratch, or fade away during the time you have it on.  This is very handy especially when you don't feel like going to the salon to get your nails done or your nails just look so OMG WTH looking and can't repair it on time for a party.  Have to cover up that mess, right?  They also come in Deep Blue, Misty Grey, and Warm Pink.

You could find Elegant Touch products at ULTA shops or their online website (US followers).
**I have received these items for review purposes.  In no way am I entitled to give it a positive review.  This is my own opinion and the experience I had with it.

As I was unwrapping my goodies, I stopped and stared at the Envy Wraps Bling.  I was so amazed by how it looked.  The Candy Sprinkles for your eyes really!  How gorgeous does that look?  

On the back they supply you with some straight forward instructions on how to put the wraps on, as well as a quick tip of how to make it easier for you with the heat of a dryer for adhesion issues.

They also supply you with a mini nail file to help remove the excess on your nail. I love how their kits come with a small nail file because sometimes I get too caught up with what I am doing that I don't want to go digging for my nail files.  

No fuss or frustration in trying to get the little rhinestones all over your nail.  Having to buy a bunch of multi-colored rhinestones and to wait for it to dry on your nail.  Oh my where have you been in my life Candy Sprinkles?  Obviously not in my stash!  But now that it is, I wouldn't mind picking these up at all.  They look wonderful, and could be used for an accent nail.

Perfectly evened out on to the nail.  As easy as putting on nail polish, except if you mess up all you have to do is readjust it.  The wraps go for about $6.99 a package, and you don't have to use them all at one time.  You could always separate the usage of course.  

The Elegant Touch Polished Nails in Coral were so eye catching and I am glad I was scent out this shade. It's such a bright colored coral!  I love how they included two choices of how you would like to apply this (nail glue or adhesive nail tabs), as well as some nail art decoration stickers.

On the back they supply you with some quick directions.  So you could understand how the process is done.

Surprisingly they also carry several other sizes other than short and medium.  When I hit up a drugstore, I normally see short and medium length for full false nail tips.  I would love to see the long and x-long ones as well!  The length size I received was short, but honestly these aren't even that short.  

There are instructions for how to use the adhesive tabs, as well as how to apply the false nails.  The adhesive tabs are in a set of 24.  The heart nail art decoration stickers are in a silver metallic color and very versatile to use. 

The Polished Nails kit comes with 24 pieces of false nails with various sizes, as well as a mini nail file.  Look how brightly colored those are just sitting there.  Its good to see a set of polished false nails come in a pack of 24 instead of having a pack of 12.  It just seems more convenient to me.

They seem perfect for a girl who does not like long nails at all, but hates nubs (super short nails). 

Love how they look on my hands.  Just so brightly eye catching!  Perfect for those days where your fingernails are stained.  COVER THAT UP!  So just because it has been polished doesn't mean you can't do some art work on it.  The Polished Nails go for about $6.99 a kit, which to me seems worth it especially if you toss some of your own art work over it.  BY CHOICE of course.  

Here is a close up of the heart nail art sticker that I picked to put on one of the nails.  I sealed it with a top coat.  I decided to do a bunch of different nail art that are very simple for each finger.  I used the Envy Wrap Bling Candy Sprinkles (pictured earlier within this post) on one of the nails.

Here's a close up of how Candy Sprinkles looks with some other nails.  It still stands out to me, and in the sunlight "BLING BLING!"  Okay I now have that old school song stuck in my head...MOVING ON!

I don't think anyone would notice that they were false nails that have been pre-polished when you mix it up.  

Thumb:  I used acrylic paints and tried out a drip from my friend Alex (Algae Veronia).  I always loved her drips, but never did them myself.

Index:  Is just the nail stickers that came with the kit

Middle:  Striping tape and a small heart stud 

Ring:  The Envy Wrap Bling Candy Sprinkles

Pinky:  A quick spun sugar using New York Colors In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry - Sidewalkers.

So like I said just because it's false nails doesn't mean you cannot spice it up. 

Have you tried out Elegant Touch products yet?  Have you used nail wraps?  

Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day <3