Review: Femme Fatale Cosmetics Eyeshadows I won

Awhile ago I received notification that I have won 2nd place from Femme Fatale Cosmetics.  I was super excited to get these since I was planning on purchasing from the company anyways.  This just made things so much better and will be my first time trying out their product.  So what better way than to enter their giveaway for a chance to win, right?  Super glad I did, and still in shock that I won.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics is an indie company that is based in Australia, and they specialize in mineral cosmetics, and not to mention recently have started to do Indie polishes as well.  Their products are blended by hand which makes their products even more special.  Sophie, the owner, was very kind and helpful when I was making my decision.  Also she's very pretty!

As soon as I was told when it will be shipped I was super excited to have them in my stash!

Sophie placed them inside a small netted black gift bag, along with her business card.  It felt more of a present than an item I won, which shows how much she cares for her company.  It was indeed a present!  How gorgeous and sexy is that business card?  The artwork that was put into it, just amazing!  Hats off to the designer really!  

Sophie did something that I have never received from a company when I won something, which actually placed a huge smile on my face.

She included a "Congratulation" note in the package.  Just making you feel extra special.  She took a step beyond than needed, which shows how much passion she has for her company.  When I won from other companies I never received a "Hey congrats girl," of the sort at all.  I love a company when they do sweet little things just to make you feel special.  So thank you Sophie for being a kick ass owner to a wonderful company!

My prize was that I could pick five eyeshadows and receive them in full sizes (5g).  I had such a hard time making up my mind, and mentioned it to Sophie.  She stated the colors I picked I would end up loving them. She was right!  I was in love!  Now I must buy more! <3

The shadows I picked are: Demon Soul, Spirit Bond, Dispersion, Illusions, and Desecration.  I love how on the back of the jars it has the name of the shadow, if it's vegan or not, lip safe or not, and the ingredients that are inside it.  These loose mineral eyeshadows could be used dry, wet, or foiled.

All swatches are done over NYX eyeshadow base white.  Left side is wet, and the right side is foiled.

Desecration is a wicked thing really.  They made it so it has a nice bright green shimmer mixed with a grey subtle brown and purple tones as the base.  There are times when I have used it, the base seems more grey.  While other times it's leaning more to a dusty purple side.  The right side is foiled over CUICU Flashing Diamond Powder Eyeshadow Eggplant. One of their top sellers.

Dispersion is described as a deep mulberry with a bold teal blue shimmer.  The combination of purple and tealish blue shimmer are a great combination.  The foiled part is over Sugarpill Cosmetics Pressed Eyeshadow Dollipop.  One of their top sellers.

Illusions is one tricky eyeshadow to capture.  It has a brown based shade, with a hint of auburn in it and a teal duochrome finish.  This thing is wonderful by itself and foiled over another eyeshadow.  For the foiled part I used Inglot Cosmetics Eyeshadow Matte #388.

Spirit Bond   is described as a deep midnight blue with a strong purple undertone and shimmery golden finish.  It is very easy to blend and has a nice creamy sort of texture.  As soon as I saw swatches for this color, I knew I had to get it!  For the foiled part I put it over Inglot Cosmetics Pearl Eyeshadow #430.  How pretty does that look over a gold eyeshadow?

Demon Soul is described as a black based shadow with a color-shifting finish: goes from green to red/pink depending on the angle of the light.  This thing was evil!  I just couldn't capture the greenish tones in it at all!  But that's fine cause I think the reddish pink makes it look wonderful as well.  You could see the green particles in the picture of the jar.  For the foiled part I placed it over Inglot Cosmetics Eyeshadow Matte #321.

The swatches below are in the order of Desecration, Dispersion, Illusions, Spirit Bond, and Demon Soul.

Here are all the loose eyeshadows wet:

Left:  Dry swatch - Right: Wet Swatch

All of the looks I did are done over Urban Decay Primer Potion Original, and NYX Eyeshadow Base White.

Here are some looks I did with them:

Spirit Bond - lid
Desecration - crease
Sephora Collection Smoky Kohl Eyeliner Black
YANQINA Big Eye Waterproof Eyeliner Black
KISS Ever Pro Lashes Style 05
Milani Cosmetics Runway Lashes Mascara Black

Illusions - lid
Dispersion - crease
Demon Soul - bottom line
LANDBIS 24H Super Waterproof Quick Eyeliner Black
Maybelline Falsies Mascara Black
Ever Bilena Cosmetics Brown eyeliner bottom lid

Dispersion - lid
Illusions - lid & crease
Spirit Bond - wet eyeliner
Philippine's brand false eyelashes Sticky 1
Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express Mascara Black
Jordana Easyliner for Eyes Purple Fusion

I love how easy these were to blend and work with.  They are best duochrome eyeshadows I own!  Very nicely pigmented.  Not to mention the total different outcomes you could have when you foil these over other eyeshadows.  Just super wonderful and a great addition to my stash.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics ships worldwide and their prices are AUD based.  So you'll need to convert it to come out with your currency price.  Though PayPal will do the conversion for you.  If you do place an order please keep in mind that their polishes are only able to be sold and shipped in Australia only.  

I find the cost of their eyeshadows to be very reasonable!  Prices listed below are for the loose eyeshadows and I have taken the liberty of checking the USD amount.

Sample Bag (1/8 tsp) - $1.13 
Mini Size (3g jar) W/ sifter - $3.20
Mini Size (3g jar) no sifter - $3.09
Full Size (5g jar) - $5.93

If you order only samples they are shipped free worldwide!  With the cost of some of the loose eyeshadows I have encountered at that price, I found were not very pigmented at all.  These are by far pigmented and a little goes a long way!  

If you love cosmetics, I recommend you to check out Femme Fatale Cosmetics, you won't be disappointed!  

What kind of mineral loose eyeshadow brands do you buy?  Have you tried Femme Fatale Cosmetics before?  

Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!